Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 NTXKC AOY Points

Here are  the up to date AOY Points!!! I have highlighted in red all the Anglers who have already qualified for the 2018 KBF National Championship, and all the Anglers in yellow is the 10 Anglers that will be getting Invites if they hold their position for the rest of the year. See everyone on Lake Fork!!!

Man what a great lake Possum Kingdom was!!!! Everyone had a great time fishing in this little gem of a lake in North Texas this weekend. Even with blue bird skies we had 26 limits caught between 65 anglers for a total of 232 fish caught!!! Thats awesome!!! Big thanks to our host Boondocks Bar & Grill, that place is so cool some of the guys partied all night!! Congrats to John Stockman for the win with a 93" limit!!! Big thanks to our sponsors Mariner Sails, Dialbo Paddlesports, Moritz Cheverolet, G-Rods International, Steven Barber State Farm, Himes Construction Management LLC, Optimum Air Co, Rim Spec Wheel Repair & All Star Auto Salon, Bending Branches, Sweet Water Brewing Co., Clearfork Custom Jigs, Reno Reds Frontier Cooking, YakGear, KJ's Custom Lures, and Ardent Outdoors!!!! Wohoo!!!! See everyone at the next event on Lake Fork!!! Registration is open Here!!! We will be out at Lake Fork Marina and their rooms are going fast!!!!

Place Anglers Length Notes Total pot Points
1 st Place: John Stockman 93 $1,170.00 $2,925.00 100
2nd Place: Erick Simien 90.5 $731.25
3rd Place: Mathew Scotch 86.5 $438.75 BB $522 98
4th Place: Seth Herringer 83.5 $292.50
5th Place: Jason Delfraisse 81 $175.50
6th Place: Stan Himes 80.25 $58.50
7th Place: Gene Bohannon 80

8th Place: Guillermo Gonzalez 79

9th Place: Jacob Taylor 78

10th Place: Justin Rushing 75

11th Place: Jesse Soria 74.5

12th Place: Chris Shaddle 74

13th Place: Jason Voight 73.5

14th Place: Michael Cates 72.75

15th Place: Tony Sebren 71.75

16th Place: Brandon Mckibben 71.75

17th Place: Jason Parrott 71.5

18th Place: George Saber 70.75 Tied but George has bigger bass was 17'
19th Place: Mike Kirby 70.75
20th Place: Mathew Flett 69

21st Place: Eric Neal 68.25 Tied Big fish 16", Eric's 2nd biggest 14.75 Thomas's 14" 
22nd Place: Thomas Thacker 68.25
23rd Place: JR Tibbetts 68.25 Jr's bigges was 14.5"
24th Place: Dean Calhoun 67.75 big fish was 14.25"
25th Place: Tracy Dougan 67.75 Big  fish was 14"
26th Place: Dakota Long 65.25

27th Place: Clifton Allen 61

28th Place: Frank Smitham 60.75

29th Place: Albert Salas 60.25

30th Place: James Pershin 57.5

31st Place: Korey Nicholson 57

32nd Place: Chance VanWinkle 55.75

33rd Place: Darrin Collins 55.25 Darrin has bigger bass at 17"
34th Place: Clayton Swofford 55.25
35th Place: Edward Sanchez 48

36th Place: Zachary Magee 43.25

37th Place: Andrew Ramirez 42.25

38th Place: Blake Cline 40 Tied but Blake caught bigger bass at 14.25"
39th Place: Todd Cantwell 40
40th Place: Daniel Harkins 37.75

41st Place: Chris Herrera 30.75

42nd Place: Santos  Zepeda 28.5

43rd Place: Nathan Debord 28

44th Place: Ramiro Looez 27.25

45th Place: Christopher Anglin 26.75

46th Place: Tom Ward 24.5 Tied but Tom caught first fish at 7:31am
47th Place: Darren Williams 24.5
48th Place: Mark Pendergraf 20

49th Place: Jose Ramirez 18.25

50th Place: Albert Alegria 16

51st Place: Raymond Lopez 15

52nd Place: Hudson Neal 14.25

53rd Place: Angelo Alegria 14

54th Place: Bryan Row 13.5

55th Place: Elliot Youngstrom 13.25

56th Place: Steve Searle 12.75

57th Place: Shawn Raligh 12.5

58th Place: Samuel Garrison 12

59th Place: Kris Taylor 0

60th Place: Tom Martini 0

61st Place: Todd Swofford 0

62nd Place: Jackson Osborne 0

63rd Place: Brady Morton 0

64th Place: Vernon Stover 0

65th Place: Kolbie Durham 0



Monday, April 24, 2017

For the NTXKC - Possum Kingdom event we are having the captain's meeting in the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce parking lot at 5am. Here is the MAP. We will be meeting back at Boondocks Bar & Grill for the awards at 4pm. Here is the MAP. Better bring your A game because of our new sponsors, we are able to up the ante yet again. Our Cash Prize for Angler of the Year is currently sitting at $3500!!!! Huge thanks to all of our cash sponsors Himes Construction Management LLC., Optimum Air Co, Steven Barber State Farm, RimSpec, Moritz Chevrolet, Sweetwater Brewing Co.!!! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

NTXKC 2017 Angler of the Year Points is here!!

Okay boys and girls, here are the Angler of the Year Points for the NTXKC 2017!!! Sorry it took so long!!! I hope everyone is pumped for our next event on Possum Kingdom!!! It's gonna be a great battle!!!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

NTXKC - Grapevine is in the books!! And boy was she a doozy!!!! First off no one thought our second event of the year to attract 84 anglers!!! Wohoo!!!! We had a cold front come in with that rain the day before and boy we thought it was gonna shut the fish down. Boy were we wrong!!! 84 Anglers with 184 Fish caught, and 13 of them were 20+ inch fish!!! We also had an angler catch the fish everyone dreams of!!! Sitting at 25.5 (1/4" deduction for mouth open) inches and 10.1lbs Anthony Nguyen has now officially caught his DD.

HUGE thanks  to all of our sponsors!!!! Mariner Sails, Diablo Paddlesports SupernovaFishingLights, StevenBarber StateFarm, Stan Himes @ Himes Construction Management, Michael Cates @ Optimum Air Co, SweetWaterBrewing Co., G-Rods International, Clearfork Custom Jigs, Reno Reds Frontier Cooking, Rimspec & AllstarAutobody, YakGear, Bending Branches, KJ'sCustomLures, and ArdentOutdoors

1 st Place: Jacob Taylor 95 $1,701.00
2nd Place: Guillermo Gonzalez 88.25 $756.00
3rd Place: Calvin Rackley 83.75 415.8
4th Place: Justin Rushing 83.25 277.83
5th Place: Clayton Swofford 72.5 222.68
6th Place: Mark Pendergraf 70.25 170.1
7th Place: Jose Ramirez 66 132.3
8th Place: Michael Cates 63.5 100.17
9th Place: SANTOS ZEPEDA 62.5
10th Place: Chris Elliott 57.5 (16.5)
11th Place: John Stockman 57.5 (14.75)
12th Place: Tom Ward 57.25
13th Place: Christopher Anglin 56.25 (18)
14th Place: Stan Himes 56.25 (15)
15th Place: Andrew Pham 55
16th Place: JOSEPH MONGOGNIA 54.5
17th Place: Albert Salas 50.25
18th Place: Clint Dunbar 49.25
19th Place: Samuel Garrison 48.5
20th Place: Cole Hobbs 48.25
21st Place: Darren Williams 46.75
22nd Place: Chaz Pair 46
23rd Place: Clifton Allen 42
24th Place: Jonette Stewart 40.75
25th Place: Anthony Nguyen 38.25 BB $770
26th Place: Jason Delfraisse 36.75
27th Place: Chris Mcdonald 35
28th Place: Darrin Collins 33.75
29th Place: Blake Cline 33.5 (19)
30th Place: Tracy Dougan 33.5 (18)
31st Place: Dakota Long 32.5
32nd Place: George Saber 32.25
33rd Place: Chris Knode 31.25
34th Place: Matthew Flett 29.75
35th Place: Landon Miller 29.5
36th Place: Gene Bohannon 29.25
37th Place: Brandon Mckibben 29.25
38th Place: Steve McGee 29
39th Place: Daniel Harkins 29
40th Place: Chance VanWinkle 28.5
41st Place: Raymond Lopez 27.5
42nd Place: Nick Plunk 26.5
43rd Place: John Dodgson 25.75
44th Place: Thomas Thacker 21.5
45th Place: Jesse Soria 20.5
46th Place: John Allen 19
47th Place: Korey Nicholson 18.25
48th Place: Nathan DeBord 17.75
49th Place: Jason Voight 16.75
50th Place: Jason O'Brien 15.75
51st Place: Cesar Alcantar 15.75
52nd Place: Adam Hansen 14.75
53rd Place: Bryan Row 14.25
54th Place: Steve Searle 14
55th Place: Robert Wilson 14
56th Place: Chris Shaddle 13.75
57th Place: Andrew Ramirez 13.5
58th Place: Cori Kelly 13
59th Place: Stephen Mitchell 12
60th Place: Albert Alegria 0
61st Place: Angelo Alegria 0
62nd Place: Billy Mastorio 0
63rd Place: Dean Calhoun 0
64th Place: Elliot Youngstrom 0
65th Place: Frank Smitham 0
66th Place: James Briggs 0
67th Place: James Pershin 0
68th Place: Jeremy Davis 0
69th Place: John Vandine 0
70th Place: Johnny Merchant 0
71st Place: Jose Cruz 0
72nd Place: Josh Harris 0
73rd Place: kris Taylor 0
74th Place: Matthew Scotch 0
75th Place: Michael Kelly 0
76th Place: Mike Kirby 0
77th Place: Reggie Jordan 0
78th Place: Rich Schreckengost 0
79th Place: Ronnie Lollar 0
80th Place: Shannon McGimsey  0
81st Place: Shawn Raleigh 0
82nd Place: Steve Wriedt 0
83rd Place: Todd Cantwell 0
84th Place: Zachary Magee 0