Saturday, March 16, 2019

2019 NTXKC Lake Lewisville Results

Here are the results for NTXKC Lewisville!!! Huge congrats to Brandon Mckibben for taking home 1st and Big Bass!! Also great work Matthew Scotch for making Brandon work for that big check and taking home 2nd! Huge thanks for everyone that made it out to this event! The weather held out til the very end and the mists turned into rain. Aris Tsamis and Mariner sails, Scott Kamp from Pure Fishing, Adam Purcell from Western Son Vodka, Brian St. Onge from Merrell Shoes, and Dez Davis from SuperNovaFishingLights for all showing up and spending time with our angler's. See everyone at Gilmer!!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

2019 Season off to a BANG on NTXKC Athens!!!

Wohoo!! What a way to kick of the 2019 Season!! Lake Athens did not disappoint!!! Huge congrats to Guillermo Gonzales with the biggest winning stringer in NTXKC history with 98.75"!!! And, Also another huge congrats to Brandon Lehmer for breaking our previous Biggest Bass ever record with a 11lb 15oz 25.75" monster!!! Here are the results from Athens! See everyone at Lake Lewisville!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

NTXKC 2018 Results for Richland Chambers and AOY/ROY

NTXKC 2018 is finally in the books!!! Huge congrats to all the anglers who mad it to the Classic on Richland Chambers!! Here are the total Results for Richland Chambers and the AOY!!! Huge congrats to all of our sponsors!!! Mariner Sails, Steven Barber State Farm, Real Ale Brewing Co., Bonafide Kayaks, Shimano Fishing, Mortiz Cheverolet, Reno Reds Frontier Cooking, Bass Republic Taco's and Tackle, Himes Construction LLC, Optimum Air Co., Impulse Fishing Rods, Hobie Fishing, Bioenno Power, Super Nova Fishing Lights, Bending Branches, and Clear Fork Custom Jigs!!! For pictures follow this link: Pics!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Results for the 2018 NTXKC Lake Bridgeport Tournament is here!!!

Okay boys and girls, the last event for the regular season NTXKC 2018 Trail event just ended. Here are the results from that very heated battle!!! Again huge thanks to our sponsors Mariner Sails, Steven Barber State Farm, Real Ale Brewing Co., Tanner Worley with Sportco/Angler's Pro Tackle Co/Fun and Sun/Academy/Fishin World/ Southwestern Parts for all the wonderful Shimano Reels, Moritz Chevrolet, Bonafide, Hobie , A&S Garage Service, Bass Republic Taco's And Tackle, Himes Construction, Optimum Air Co, Impulse Rods, Bioenno Power, Bending Branches, Supernova Fishing Lights, Reno Reds Frontier Cooking, and Clear Fork Custom Jigs!!! Without everyone's support, we wouldn't have such a successful trail!!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Results for NTXKC Possum Kingdome 2018!!!

Okay boys and girls, here are the results for NTXKC Possum Kingdom 2018!!! Huge thanks to the great guys and girls from West Texas Kayak Fishing, who came out and took home the win!!! Congrats to Jody Morris for topping out everyone else from NTX and even a few from ATX and ETX!!!! He took home $1377 for his 87.75" winning stringer!! It was a close battle between him and a close friend of mine Matt Flett!!! Matt was only 1/4" behind Jody with 87.50" and taking home $621!!! Holy Cow!!! Also congrats to Daniel Harkins for holding a solid 3rd place with 83.25" and taking home $466!!! Huge thanks to all of our sponsors!!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Results for NTXKC Lavon 2018!!

Here are the results for NTXKC Lavon 2018! Congrats to Juan Moreno for taking home 1st, with Matt Scotch and Greg Hurt coming in for a close 2nd and 3rd!!! We had a total of 69 anglers, with 7 limits. Lavon did prove to be a pretty good fishery with the biggest stringer of the year!!! See everyone at the next event on Lake Possum Kingdom!!! Here is a link to all the pictures!! *UPDATED with points starting at 150!!!