Thursday, May 18, 2023

Darren Williams wins NTXKC Lake Texoma

 The 2023 NTXKC Lake Texoma is a wrap! Huge congrats to the following: 

 Big Bass: KC Kemp  21.75" - $1050 ($550 + $500 OT Big Bass Bonus) 
1st: Darren Williams     95.50" - $970 + $100 first limit bonus
2nd: Bryan Howell         92.75" - $500 
3rd: Erick Simien          88.75" - $400 
4th: Larry Hill                86.25" - $300 
5th: Dan Wells               86.25" - $200 
6th: Michael Cates         85.75" - $100 

Friday, May 5, 2023

2023 NTXKC Lake Tawakoni was windy as all get out!

The 2023 NTXKC Lake Tawakoni is a wrap! Huge congrats to the following: 
 Big Bass: Ben Huffman 22.75" - $1170 ($670 + $500 OT Big Bass Bonus) 
1st: Dan Wells               88.50" - $1200
2nd: Rey Fishing           85.50" - $700 
3rd: Tony Hendershoot  82.75" - $500 
4th: Larry Hill                82.50" - $400 
5th: Corey Griffin          81.75" - $300 
6th: Erick Simien           81.00" - $200 
7th: Chris Cooley           79.75" - $100

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2023 NTXKC - Lake Worth/Eagle Mountian is a wrap!

The 2023 NTXKC Lake Worth/Eagle Mountain is a wrap! Huge congrats to the following:

Big Bass: Bryan Howell 23"      - $1400
1st: Jordan Westerman 102.25"  - $1295
2nd: Alek Blankenau     94.50"  -  $700
3rd: Ben Huffman         84.00"  -  $600
4th: Dan Wells               83.25" -  $500
5th Nick Lowrey            81.00" -  $400
6th Matt kepple              79.75" -  $300
7th Santos Zepeda          79.50" -  $200
8th Corey Griffin            79.00" -  $100
9th Erick Simien             76,25"  -  $50

As always huge thanks to all of our sponsors!

Saturday, March 18, 2023

NTXKC kicks off the 2023 season on Lake Granbury!

The first event of the season on Granbury is a wrap!! It was tough fishing with an early season Golden Algae Bloom, but a few of the guys found them and made out like a bandit. Congrats to Aaron Page for taking home 1st place and a nice paycheck of $1295!!! Not bad for a $50 entry tournament! Here is the payouts for all 9 places! 

1st Aaron Page $1,295 
2nd Christian Kuper $700 
3rd Dan Wells $600 + $100 First Limit Bonus 
4th Michael Cates $500 
5th Matt Halcomb $400 
6th Guillermo Gonzales $300 + $890 Big Bass 
7th Santos Zepeda $200 
8th Greg Hurt $100
9th Bubba Jones $50

I will have points added to our website later today, and will also have the next event open for registration this evening.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

It was a great day and a great turnout for the NTXKC event today on Possum Kingdom. Big thanks goes out to all who came out and joined us today. I made a mistake in scoring today, so we had to adjust the leaderboard just a little. One angler had accidentally submitted a fish as an AMBERJACK (trust me it happens) and I failed to catch it. Once the mistake was corrected it put the angler in 5th place. This obviously made everyone that was 5th or lower move down a spot. I am truly sorry for my mistake. Here is the list of winners from today. Congrats to you all! 1st place Luke Rogers $1281 + $50 Mariner Sails GC 2nd Place Michael Cates 591 + 50 Mariner Sails GC 3rd Place Greg Hurt 320 4th Place Mark Pendergraf 148 5th Place Ellis Howard 74 6th Place Daniel Merrit 49 7th Place Travis Gonzales 25 Gift Card BIG BASS Greg Hurt 22.75in $490 First Limit Nick Lowery $250 Congrats again to all the winners. Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for helping make this trail what it is. Thank you to Roland Reschreiter and Allgone Services for the fastest limit prize, as well as Hannah Proctor with Enginsoft USA for the first out of the money giftcard. #MarinerSails #PureFishing #Westernsonvodka #realalebrewing #fpvpower #supernovafishinglights #mortizchevrolet #stevenbarberstatefarm #oldtown #bendingbranches #berleypro #allgoneservices #enginsoftusa

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

2021 NTKXC Joe Pool Results!!

Okay, everyone. Just trying to get back to posting tournament results! We had 55 angler's come out and battle it out in the inner city lake of Joe Pool. Located in the heart of Grand Prairie, tournaments on this lake can be a bit frustrating with the amount of traffic it see's on the weekends. Here are the results!
1st Place Christopher Anglin 87.25in taking home $1238
2nd Place Nicholas Lowrey 85.75in taking home $644 Plus he also took home Big Bass at $450 and he was also the first to get a limit of 5 fish taking home the "All Gone Services First Limit" Prize of $250!!! For a total of $1344 Sick!!!
3rd Place Blake Beatty 72in taking home $371! He won the tie breaker with 4th place with a bigger bass.
4th Place Chad Andrews 72in taking home $161!
5th Place Clifton "The People's Champ" Allen taking home $74.
6th Place Cory Pollard with 57in was the first out of the money. So he takes home $50 courtesy of Hanna Proctor and her company Enginsoft USA!!!
Huge thanks to all of our prize sponsors today!! Mariner Sails FPV Power Western Son Vodka Real Ale Brewing Co. Ben E Keith RoboHawk