Monday, July 8, 2024

Results for NTXKC Lake Gilmer


NTXKC Recheduled Gilmer event is in the books. Congrats to Dan Nguyen for taking home 1st and big bass. Matthew Flett took home 2nd and Bryan Howell took home 3rd. Our next event will be held on Fork along with Texas B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series! Get signed up!

Results for NTXKC Lake Tawakoni


NTXKC Lake Tawakoni is in the books! Congrats to all the winnerss!
1st Place Michael James Cates with 80.25" $1109
2nd Place Matthew Scotch with 79.75" (17.75" kicker) $611
3rd Place Erick Simien with 79.75" $444
4th Place Charlie Houchen with 79" $261
5th Place Robert Harris with 78.5" $125
6th Place Phillip Wyatt with 77" $60
Big Bass 20.5" Larry Hill $450
Also please help us give a huge thank you to our awesome hosts at Tawakoni Marina! They were so nice and even donated a catfish rod to the raffle!


Results for NTXKC Lake Texoma


NTXKC - Lake Texoma is in the books! 55 brave anglers battled it out on a very flooded lake. Days leading into this event, we were hearing reports of various ramps and marinas are staring to close up due to the high water. This made fishing very difficult, but these angler's were up for the challenge! Congrats to Matthew Flett for taking home fist with a dominating 95" stringer, taking home $1040! Mark Pendergraf took home 2nd place with 85.75", and also big bass (the tied 21" fish was nulled since the other angler did not pay for big bass!). He takes home $1062 for 2nd place and Big Bass!!! Keith Knutz got 3rd taking home $421. Darren Williams takes 4th taking home $248. Michael Cates got 5th taking home $124. And Matthew Scotch got 6th taking home $60. Huge thanks to our sponsors: