Thursday, February 8, 2018

Shimano Sponsorship

Okay everyone, this is huge!!! We are proud to announce that Shimano will be the official reel sponsor for NTXKC 2018!!!! The highest placed angler using Shimano reels will be taking home a brand new Shimano Reel (not ones pictured, they are my personal reels) at each event!!!! Big thanks to Tanner Worley @ SportcoMaerketing for working with us to get this deal done! We are very proud to working with the some of the best reels in the industry! #Shimano #ShimanoFishing #NTXKC2018 #SportcoMarketing

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Announcing Bass Republic Rookie of the Year Sponsorship

I am so very proud to announce a new sponsorship for this year! Dan Onstot of Bass Republic Taco's and Tackle, loves bass fishing, and loves the growth of it in Texas! I would like to announce the Bass Republic Rookie of the Year award!! This is going to be so much fun, to see which rookie hangs in there and even beating up on the big boys. For those to qualify, it would be anyone fishing NTXKC for the first time this year, and for this year only, we are also including everyone who didn't make the invite for the NTXKC Classic last year. We shall update the rookies scores after each event, and the Bass Republic Rookie of the Year will be announced at the Classic!!! The winner will receive $500 from Dan Onstot and Bass Republic Taco's and Tackle!!! Let's Do This!!!! 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mortiz Cheverolet 2018

It's an honor to welcome back Moritz Cheverolet as a sponsor for NTXKC's 2018 season!!! You might have heard of them, simply because they are one of the most well know,  and respected Dealerships around! They have been supplying fisherman with trusty vehicles for a very long time, and probably have been supporting the fishing scene for just as long. Monte Coon is the sales manager, a huge bass fisherman, Super dad, and the man behind our support!!! If you are in the market for a new vehicle, don't hesitate to give him a call at 817-368-2502!!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Himes Construction Super Stringer Bonus

One of my favorite things about this sport is to see how much our anglers embrace the brother hood, and try every which way to make it better. For this, I would like to announce that Stan Himes is back to sponsor the NTXKC for the 2018 year!!! He wanted his sponsorship to some how entice everyone in the group and make it interesting!!! So the angler with a stringer of the 5 biggest bass, 1 from each of the main events, will be be taking home an extra $500!!!Courtesy of Stan Himes and Himes Construction LLC!!! Wohoo!!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Steven Barber State Farm & NTXKC 2018

We would like to announce that  Steven Barber State Farm will be the official insurance carrier for the North Texas Kayak Championships in 2018!!! I know a lot of anglers are planning long road trips and will most likely  be staying at seedy motels or even campsites for these future tournaments. To have a everything covered from either theft or even you flipping your kayak and loosing half your equipment, will save you thousands in the end. Please contact Steven Barber State Farm to get your kayaks, trailers, fish finders, and all your gear covered today at 817-238-2265.