Sunday, February 26, 2017

Okay, thanks for everyone that showed up to NTXKC Fairfield!!! We had a record amount of anglers this year at 89!!! There was a total of 260 fish caught!!! Wohoo!!! Sorry everything took so long and yes, service was horrible. I have cleaned up the standings and placed all ties accordingly. I-angler does a horrible job with ties.. so I gave the person with the biggest fish in the stringer the higher placing. For those that only caught 1 fish and tied, I placed them according to the time caught.

HUGE thanks  to all of our sponsors!!!! Mariner Sails, Diablo Paddlesports SupernovaFishingLights, StevenBarber StateFarm, Stan Himes @ Himes Construction Management, Michael Cates @ Optimum Air Co, SweetWaterBrewing Co., G-Rods International, Clearfork Custom Jigs, Reno Reds Frontier Cooking, Rimspec & AllstarAutobody, YakGear, Bending Branches, KJ'sCustomLures, and ArdentOutdoors

Here are the standings:

1 st Place: Guillermo Gonzalez 92.25
2nd Place: Darren Williams 91.25
$836.60 Big Bass 21.75" $780
3rd Place: Matthew Scotch 88.00
4th Place: Chris Shaddle 87.75
5th Place: Jason Delfraisse 87.50
6th Place: Jacob Taylor 86.50
7th Place: Blake Cline 84.75 18.5" Kicker $140.13
8th Place: Tony Sebren 84.75
9th Place: Landon Miller 84.50
10th Place: Joey Montgomery 83.50

11th Place: Elliot Youngstrom 83.00

12th Place: Donald McLaughlin 83.00

13th Place: Frank Smitham 82.75 21.5" Kicker

14th Place: Mark Pendergraf 82.75

15th Place: Derek Jones 82.25

16th Place: Adam Hansen 81.25 19" Kicker

17th Place: Nick Plunk 81.25

18th Place: Shawn Raleigh 81.00

19th Place: Chance VanWinkle 80.50

20th Place: Santos Zepeda 80.25 19" Kicker

21st Place: John Stockman 80.25

22nd Place: Jason Voight 79.25

23rd Place: Justin Rushing 78.75

24th Place: Darrin Collins 77.50

25th Place: Stan Himes 76.00 19" Kicker

26th Place: Cole Hobbs 76.00

27th Place: Nathan Debord 75.75

28th Place: Clifton Allen 66.00

29th Place: Charner Williams 65.50

30th Place: Jesse Soria 65.25

31st Place: Steve Searle 63.00

32nd Place: Billy Mastorio 60.50

33rd Place: Korey Nicholson 52.25

34th Place: Clayton Swofford 52.00

35th Place: Chrisopher Boydston 51.50

36th Place: Chris Elliott 50.50

37th Place: Daniel Harkins 48.25

38th Place: Jeremy Davis 48.00

39th Place: Eric Simien 47.25

40th Place: Clint Dunbar 47.00

41st Place: Chaz Pair 46.00 20" Kicker

42nd Place: Bryan Row 46.00

43rd Place: Ernesto Martinez 44.50

44th Place: Ryamond Lopez 35.50

45th Place: Chris McDonald 34.25 20.75"Kicker

46th Place: James Pershin 34.25

47th Place: John Dodgson 33.75 17.75" Kicker

48th Place: Samuel Garrison 33.75

49th Place: Drew Pryor 33.50

50th Place: Matthew Flett 33.25

51st Place: Robert Wilson 32.75

52nd Place: Mike Kirby 32.25

53rd Place: Ernesto Molina 32.00

54th Place: Tracy Dougan 30.75

55th Place: Gene Bohannon 30.50

56th Place: Zachary Magee 30.00

57th Place: Paul Fenn 28.00

58th Place: Tom Ward 27.75

59th Place: Michael Cates 27.25

60th Place: Albert Alegria 21.00

61st Place: Nathan Hall 19.25

62nd Place: Jerry Hamon 18.25 caught earlier

63rd Place: Brandon Mckibben 18.25

64th Place: Christopher Anglin 18.00

65th Place: Reggie Jordan 17.50

66th Place: Angelo Alegria 16.75

67th Place: John Jandine 16.50

68th Place: Johnny Merchant 15.50

69th Place: Kris Taylor 15.00 caught earlier

70th Place: Cesar Alcantar 15.00

71st Place: Steve Wriedt 13.75

72nd Place: Joese Ramirez 12.50

73rd Place: George Saber 0.00

74th Place: Stephen Mitchell 0.00

75th Place: Michael Kelley 0.00

76th Place: Matt Lagrone 0.00

77th Place: Marco Garcia 0.00

78th Place: Dean Calhoun 0.00

79th Place: Louis Conn 0.00

80th Place: Michael Davis 0.00

81st Place: Landon Nehmer 0.00

82nd Place: Andrew Ramirez 0.00

83rd Place: Rich Schreckengost 0.00

84th Place: Thomas Thacker 0.00

85th Place: James Briggs 0.00

86th Place: Juan Guerrero 0.00

87th Place: Terry Davis 0.00

88th Place: Shawn Sanders 0.00

89th Place: Albert Salas 0.00

Friday, February 24, 2017

Last update before NTXKC Fairfield!

Everyone please note, I have left registration open til the end of today. I had it in the rules that it ended on Thursday so that I could have all the registrations accounted for early since this is the first year I am running this by myself. If it doesn't get too crazy on Saturday I will change the rules back to Friday as a late registration for the rest of the year. Also note that cell service is horrible on Lake Fairfield. The only service that seems to have the best reception out there is Verizon. For this reason, I have purchased 2 Verizon Mobile Hotspots for us to use. Hopefully this will help to speed up the process. We will have NTXKC hats and shirts for sale at this event. See everyone at Fairfield!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Everyone sitting at home today waiting in anticipation for NTXKC Fairfield... All participants, make sure you have I-Angler Tournament downloaded. Get familiar with the app. You can do test submissions, and I will clear everything out before the tournament starts. Here is a video to help you with using I-angler :

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Please note, there has been a rule change. We are changing our catches to a mouth closed rule to comply with the KBF rules and State catch regulations. All fish pictures submitted will have to have their mouths closed. There will be a 1/4" deduction for all fish with their mouths open. I know some fish you will not be able to get their mouths fully closed. Also with this mouth closed rule, you will have to remove the hook/jig/lure from the fishing mouth. If you are fishing with a Clear Fork Custom Jig, please take your pic with the jig in it's mouth first before you remove it for submittal through I-Angler.

Also note this is the last day to pre-fish Lake Fairfield. The 48hr ban on pre-fishing will commence at 5am on Thursday morning. IF any angler competing in this weekend's tournament gets caught and reported, said angler will be disqualified from the event and their entry fee will be forfeited.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Okay, now you guys are just spoiled... We are very proud to announce Diablo Paddlesports as a new sponsor for the NTXKC!!! They will be donating a Diablo Amigo (not sure what color yet) as a prize for the "Classic".  This is one of hottest and most stable kayaks around, made here in TEXAS!!! You guys sure are spoiled.... 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Just signed AllstarAuto back as a sponsor this year!!!

Man I can not say enough about the Awesome response we are getting from sponsors!!! We would like to welcome back AllStarAutoSalon and RimSpec as sponsors for our trail again this year!!! My buddy Timmy Kiv has agreed to the same sponsorship level as last year and will donate $500 to AOY. That brings our total Sponsorship donations to $3000 for this years AOY!!!! Wohoo!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Okay, here is a pic to help new anglers to tournament fishing. This is the only way we will accept all submissions. NTXKC will use 2 identifiers this year to ensure everyone is playing on an even playing field. Those will be added to your Hawg Trough at each captian's meeting. We will only accept Hawg Trough's made by hagan's. Remember, we will not accept any pictures with your anything holding the fish at it's mouth, this includes your hand. You can hold the fish but make sure you are not covering its eyes or mouth.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

NTXKC is proud to announce YakGear and Railblaza as our new sponsors!!! Bill Bragman from YakGear is about a nicest person in the industry and is going all out to support NTXKC this year!!! Wohoo!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kick off Meeting Friday 2-17-17 @ Mariner Sails

Hey everyone, I know this is last minute, but we would like to invite everyone out to Mariner Sails for a Kick off meeting Friday Night 2-17-17 6-8pm. I will be there to answer any questions about the rules and help with using I-angler. This will be helpful for anyone fishing our trail for the first time, and also makes our Captain's meetings go much smoother. Please have the I-angler app downloaded before you get there. Thanks!!
Okay boys and girls, I heard a few members complaining about not having old school curve bill hats. We now have a limited run of curve bill hats!!! Get them while they are still available!!!

Order here

Monday, February 13, 2017

Man, guys fishing this NTXKC trail sure are lucky. We just signed Clear fork Custom Jigs as a new sponsor!! Jacob will be donating a box of select jigs of his choice at each event, and also $50 cash to big bass that's caught on a Clear Fork Custom Jig at each event, AND big bass of the year caught on a Clear Fork Custom Jig gets a $200 credit to Clear Fork Custom Jigs!!! Wohooo!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Okay everyone, we have the dining hall booked for the awards ceremony. We will also have the Captian's meeting at the same ramp at 5am. The gates have been open, but make sure you pay for the $4 entry fee. See everyone there!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Picked up some stuff for the 25th.. Are you guys ready for Fairfield? Who's gonna take home the trophy?