Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Announcing Bass Republic Rookie of the Year Sponsorship

I am so very proud to announce a new sponsorship for this year! Dan Onstot of Bass Republic Taco's and Tackle, loves bass fishing, and loves the growth of it in Texas! I would like to announce the Bass Republic Rookie of the Year award!! This is going to be so much fun, to see which rookie hangs in there and even beating up on the big boys. For those to qualify, it would be anyone fishing NTXKC for the first time this year, and for this year only, we are also including everyone who didn't make the invite for the NTXKC Classic last year. We shall update the rookies scores after each event, and the Bass Republic Rookie of the Year will be announced at the Classic!!! The winner will receive $500 from Dan Onstot and Bass Republic Taco's and Tackle!!! Let's Do This!!!! 

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