Sunday, February 26, 2017

Okay, thanks for everyone that showed up to NTXKC Fairfield!!! We had a record amount of anglers this year at 89!!! There was a total of 260 fish caught!!! Wohoo!!! Sorry everything took so long and yes, service was horrible. I have cleaned up the standings and placed all ties accordingly. I-angler does a horrible job with ties.. so I gave the person with the biggest fish in the stringer the higher placing. For those that only caught 1 fish and tied, I placed them according to the time caught.

HUGE thanks  to all of our sponsors!!!! Mariner Sails, Diablo Paddlesports SupernovaFishingLights, StevenBarber StateFarm, Stan Himes @ Himes Construction Management, Michael Cates @ Optimum Air Co, SweetWaterBrewing Co., G-Rods International, Clearfork Custom Jigs, Reno Reds Frontier Cooking, Rimspec & AllstarAutobody, YakGear, Bending Branches, KJ'sCustomLures, and ArdentOutdoors

Here are the standings:

1 st Place: Guillermo Gonzalez 92.25
2nd Place: Darren Williams 91.25
$836.60 Big Bass 21.75" $780
3rd Place: Matthew Scotch 88.00
4th Place: Chris Shaddle 87.75
5th Place: Jason Delfraisse 87.50
6th Place: Jacob Taylor 86.50
7th Place: Blake Cline 84.75 18.5" Kicker $140.13
8th Place: Tony Sebren 84.75
9th Place: Landon Miller 84.50
10th Place: Joey Montgomery 83.50

11th Place: Elliot Youngstrom 83.00

12th Place: Donald McLaughlin 83.00

13th Place: Frank Smitham 82.75 21.5" Kicker

14th Place: Mark Pendergraf 82.75

15th Place: Derek Jones 82.25

16th Place: Adam Hansen 81.25 19" Kicker

17th Place: Nick Plunk 81.25

18th Place: Shawn Raleigh 81.00

19th Place: Chance VanWinkle 80.50

20th Place: Santos Zepeda 80.25 19" Kicker

21st Place: John Stockman 80.25

22nd Place: Jason Voight 79.25

23rd Place: Justin Rushing 78.75

24th Place: Darrin Collins 77.50

25th Place: Stan Himes 76.00 19" Kicker

26th Place: Cole Hobbs 76.00

27th Place: Nathan Debord 75.75

28th Place: Clifton Allen 66.00

29th Place: Charner Williams 65.50

30th Place: Jesse Soria 65.25

31st Place: Steve Searle 63.00

32nd Place: Billy Mastorio 60.50

33rd Place: Korey Nicholson 52.25

34th Place: Clayton Swofford 52.00

35th Place: Chrisopher Boydston 51.50

36th Place: Chris Elliott 50.50

37th Place: Daniel Harkins 48.25

38th Place: Jeremy Davis 48.00

39th Place: Eric Simien 47.25

40th Place: Clint Dunbar 47.00

41st Place: Chaz Pair 46.00 20" Kicker

42nd Place: Bryan Row 46.00

43rd Place: Ernesto Martinez 44.50

44th Place: Ryamond Lopez 35.50

45th Place: Chris McDonald 34.25 20.75"Kicker

46th Place: James Pershin 34.25

47th Place: John Dodgson 33.75 17.75" Kicker

48th Place: Samuel Garrison 33.75

49th Place: Drew Pryor 33.50

50th Place: Matthew Flett 33.25

51st Place: Robert Wilson 32.75

52nd Place: Mike Kirby 32.25

53rd Place: Ernesto Molina 32.00

54th Place: Tracy Dougan 30.75

55th Place: Gene Bohannon 30.50

56th Place: Zachary Magee 30.00

57th Place: Paul Fenn 28.00

58th Place: Tom Ward 27.75

59th Place: Michael Cates 27.25

60th Place: Albert Alegria 21.00

61st Place: Nathan Hall 19.25

62nd Place: Jerry Hamon 18.25 caught earlier

63rd Place: Brandon Mckibben 18.25

64th Place: Christopher Anglin 18.00

65th Place: Reggie Jordan 17.50

66th Place: Angelo Alegria 16.75

67th Place: John Jandine 16.50

68th Place: Johnny Merchant 15.50

69th Place: Kris Taylor 15.00 caught earlier

70th Place: Cesar Alcantar 15.00

71st Place: Steve Wriedt 13.75

72nd Place: Joese Ramirez 12.50

73rd Place: George Saber 0.00

74th Place: Stephen Mitchell 0.00

75th Place: Michael Kelley 0.00

76th Place: Matt Lagrone 0.00

77th Place: Marco Garcia 0.00

78th Place: Dean Calhoun 0.00

79th Place: Louis Conn 0.00

80th Place: Michael Davis 0.00

81st Place: Landon Nehmer 0.00

82nd Place: Andrew Ramirez 0.00

83rd Place: Rich Schreckengost 0.00

84th Place: Thomas Thacker 0.00

85th Place: James Briggs 0.00

86th Place: Juan Guerrero 0.00

87th Place: Terry Davis 0.00

88th Place: Shawn Sanders 0.00

89th Place: Albert Salas 0.00

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