Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Please note, there has been a rule change. We are changing our catches to a mouth closed rule to comply with the KBF rules and State catch regulations. All fish pictures submitted will have to have their mouths closed. There will be a 1/4" deduction for all fish with their mouths open. I know some fish you will not be able to get their mouths fully closed. Also with this mouth closed rule, you will have to remove the hook/jig/lure from the fishing mouth. If you are fishing with a Clear Fork Custom Jig, please take your pic with the jig in it's mouth first before you remove it for submittal through I-Angler.

Also note this is the last day to pre-fish Lake Fairfield. The 48hr ban on pre-fishing will commence at 5am on Thursday morning. IF any angler competing in this weekend's tournament gets caught and reported, said angler will be disqualified from the event and their entry fee will be forfeited.

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