Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Alright everyone, tomorrow will be the last day to prefish for NTXKC - Grapevine. The boundaries for this event is open from the main lake body to the rivers that run into it as long as you don't have to portage to get to the rivers. All public launch points are located on the TPWD site. You can also launch at any public launch without a ramp. This is a kayak fishing tournament so most of the parks have allowed us to launch without the use of the ramps in the past, when the ramps were closed due to flooding. Be mindful of where you plan on launching because some of those parks will not be opening til 8am. Also pay attention to where you will be parking as for most areas charge launch fees for trailers. For tournament day on Saturday, we will be holding the captain's meeting in the bass pro parking lot. The rain looks to be holding out, but we will all still have to battle the wind. Nathan Debord and others have caught some absolute tanks pre-fishing, so I'm pumped see everyone Saturday!!!

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